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Approved by The United Mystical Studies


In one weekend, You Can Learn the real secrets on

How to Develop Your Psychic Powers by
using one of the most Powerful Psychic Development

teachings on earth.

The D.D.P. (patent pending) System of Psychic Training development and taught by
American Approved Psychics Masters in the United

If you ever want to learn the real inside secrets of unlocking the Psychic Powers
inside you and do not want to waste precious time and years then this is the master
training that you have been waiting for.  You will learn how to use your psychic powers for


  • Astral Projection
  • Aura Cleansing and Reading
  • Psychic reading
  • Remote Viewing
  • Contacting Your Guarding Angel
  • Mind Reading and Telepathy
  • Psychic Protection
  • Psychic Attraction for Love, Money and Good Luck
  • Clairaudience/ Clairvoyance/Psychometry  
  • Psychic Healing and more….

All our training is taught by American Approved Masters Psychics who has been highly trained in the D.D.P.
(patent pending)System of Psychic Training development program. Classes are now being form in
New York. London, Manchester and Luton

,Limited seating call now to reserved your space.

United  States Number  01144 (9173737894 )   European  Numbers  07721132641


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