Powerful Psychic Oils That
Can Help You Now.

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The Real Power of Psychic Oils that Can Really Help You

Since the beginning of dawn, the power of the sense of smell has been used by our ancestors to help them hunt for food and for protection.

Every expert on the sense of smelling will tell you that all our unconscious and unseen actions are based on the power of the sense of smell.

This secret information has not gone unnoticed by many powerful Psychic workers who have studied , practiced and refined this knowledge and use this power as a potent secret tool to help them and their clients to get what they want out of life.

As quiet as it is kept from the mass of people, one of the main reasons why real Psychic and Voodoo Oils works is because they are made from the plants.

Each plant is under a special spirit powers, a master Psychic or Voodoo Master knows what powers these plants have and from these powers can make up magical powerful Oils, Baths and Incenses.

This is the real meaning why someone who is a Master of this work is called in the Afro community a “Root Worker” or “Bush Doctor” in the African and Caribbean world.

Below is a list of some of these Psychic potent Oils, made according to secret Voodoo traditions to help and empower you in helping you to reach your goals.

All Oils come with complete secret information on the easy use of these oils to help you.


Love Oil. Use this Oil to help improve your love life and to stop your love one from straying outside the relationship. This Oil will cause them to think of you often and to be more considerate of your actions with a strong longing to be with you more often and to please you.



Attraction Oil: Use this Oil to make you more attractive to the opposite sex. If you just want to make that special someone notice you, then we will provide that information on how to use this Oil for that purpose.  Good to wear to a club or function to attract a sexual partner for that night.



Money Condition Oil: Use this special Oil to help you overcome your money problems. Will help you to find a solution to your debts problems and open the road up for greater Money Blessings.



Money Drawing Oil: One of the biggest lies that been around for many years is the correct use of this Oil. You must use this Oil only when your Money Conditions has cleared up. Once the road has been clear away and you start to see some improvements in your life, then you can use this Oil to help bring in more

Money Blessings.  



Lucky Gamblers Oil: Made with Lucky Black Cat Hair and Paws: One of the most sought after Oils by many of our clients because they swear it works wonders for them and has helped  them win big.


Jinx Removing Red Dux Brand:  Made from the hills of New Orleans with Red Devil Dust. Use this special Oil to help remove all Bad Luck and evil Jinxes that are stopping you from success and good Luck. 



Essence Of Bend Over: This long time favorite Oil is used to give you power over your Lover. Regular use of this Oil will make them a slave to you and only think and obey you.  After 25 years this same Oil is still the number one seller today. Use by Mistresses who wish to make their lover leave their wife for them. Very Strong!



7 Toad Tongue Oil: This is a very powerful Black Magic Oil that is used to make others reveal their true self to you by talking in their sleep or by slip of their tongue hidden secrets.



Has No Hana Oil: This Oil is still used heavily in the South as binding oil for human and Shades of the Dead. Made with real Human Bones “still inside” and it’s  use is restricted for experienced Black Magic workers only





  All items are mixed and sold as according to authentic Voudon  practices
and belief and automatically agreement  to teams and conditions on home page